Transfer print for sportswear
- We have the proper transfer for your clothing.
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In need of transfers for your workwear?
- We have reflexive transfer.
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Get your logo on your company clothing.
- Create value for your company.
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  • Fast delivery
  • Biofriendly colors
  • Easy checkout
  • A modern transfer-printshop

    Serigrafen ApS is a modern transfer-printshop, which primarily operates with companies inside the industry of sports and clothing. The company was established in October 2006. Our production consists of a high-tech park of machinery, among which there is two 3/4 semiautomatic serigraphical lines with fully automatic pulverstations from swedish Permapress. One of the production lines is dedicated for our digital-transfers. Our transfer products are delivered with the highest quality ensuring that the transfers stand out sharp and clear regardless of the lightness of the textile. It looks great both on light and dark textiles. Should we handle your next transfers?
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    We have a wide range of transfer types

    Serigrafen ApS provides a broad selection of transfer printing among which are: cold-peel standard, cold-peel flex, digital standard, digital clear, digital flex, digital hotcycle and digital color-stop. We have something for every need and demand. Read more about our products using the menu above or give us a call.
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Order transfers from our logobank application

Serigrafen ApS is one the few companies in the industry of textile printing in Denmark, which has its own logobank. The logobank gives our customers the posibility of ordering transfers based on their own uploads. This easens the checkout process for us as much as it does for the customer. Customers can see previous orders and the logos theyve previously printed. Are you interested in further information in this regards, we would love to come in contact with you.

Are you a new customer?

Contact us by phone +457551 9020 in order for us to register you in the system,
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  • Applying

    Clicking the link below, you can read our guides for appyling the different types of transfers. If you have difficulty applying your transfers or if you dont have the necessary machines for doing so, then Serigrafen is at your service.

    Design service

    We have educated graphic designers, and theyre ready to help you with electronic correcture, Vi har uddannet grafikere, som står klar til at hjælpe med en elektronisk korrektur, digitalizing your handdrawn logo or anything else which you might be in need of.